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What is this place??

You have arrived at AmazinAxel's Stuff, which is my place on the internet to post updates and things! here you will find a collection of my latest posts, a weekly update of things that I have done and more!


Below you will find the latest announcements and cool things that im doing!

More website changes

January 22, 2022

You might notice some changes coming to the website later, like that I am reformatting the entire site to use capitals and I might add a couple pages, such as wikis for FreePvP. Also, check out the beta for a new Scratch game I am developing here and it might be very glitchy but you can try it now before I make it a website exclusive game!


Website announcement

November 17, 2021

I announced earlier that I was transferring my website over to a dedicated server, and I just wanted to announce that it was unsuccessful. I had a lot of issues with the migration, and pointing the domain didnt work. This means that my website will stay on the same server and you guys shouldnt notice anything from before. Even though the migration didnt work, I still have a couple more updates. My front page posts will also have a timestamp, and my backend got a big overhaul. The performance and security is also improved, and my website also got a nice redesign.

More website updates coming!

Now that phase 3 is completed, I am going to start working on some other things that you will see! phase 3 and 2 focused on the backend, now I will focus on the frontend. Be on the lookout for new changes!


phase 3 completed!

You may have noticed that my website looks different again, and that is because phase 3 of revamping my website is done! Things load quicker, my website is safer and everything is much better! I have made multiple front end changes along with backend changes, but you guys shouldnt notice many. I am happy with this design, so maybe I will stick with it for a while. I just want you guys to note that I am using a custom CMS, i have decided to move away from the more popular CMSs like wordpress and bludit, just because its more secure (for you guys and for me) and it has literally EVERYTHING I want and need. There are a couple things that need to be fixed but that is over time. I dont want this to be long, and I just want to say to be on the lookout for new updates and changes!