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What is this place??

You have arrived at AmazinAxel's Stuff, which is my place on the internet to post updates and things! here you will find a collection of my latest posts, a weekly update of things that I have done and more!


Below you will find the latest announcements and cool things that im doing!

Upcoming Website Revamp


In the coming weeks / months, I will be transferring to a more "professional" type of site. Before, my site had grammatical issues, spelling mistakes and many other things that would make a normal visitor think that my site was not professional. As the views on my site are changing, I think that it is time to start actually capitalizing stuff and spelling things right. The SWRs from 2021 and 2022 are not going to be spell checked and updated, but instead moved to an old archive. From today forward, I am going to start making my SWRs grammatically correct and spell checked. I will also go through every single page on this website and make everything more professional. This process might take a while just due to the amount of content that I have on my website so I will be working on this slowly throughout the month.

WizardryKB Update 1.2


Another big update is out for WizardryKB! Update 1.2 brings a new hub (with some new /hub and /lobby commands) with some new planned games, a MOTD update and the final authentication fix! This fix has been in the works for soo long and it is finally completed, and you can *finally* join the server now with no errors (well, unless the auth servers are actually down...) Check out the full update log on the Discord server!


Upcoming website maintenance!!!


As you might know, is now almost 1 year old and I have made the decision to move my domain to a new registrar. Currently, my registrar that hosts my domain is about to expire and I want to migrate it to a new registrar that is faster and cheaper than my current one. This will require some maintenance and my website will be down for a couple days starting tomorrow (3/7/2022) to possibly 3/11/2022. This will increase performance, security and make this website even cheaper to host once I do move it.

WizardryKB Version 1.1


WizardryKB just had its first update! 1.1 features more stability, bug fixes and overall improvements. Check out the full update log and hang out with the community at the Discord server. Come play at or!


Screenshot from Discord showing the update log of WizardryKB 1.1

WizardryKB has a release date!!!

Feburary 25, 2022

Over the past couple of months, I have been steadily getting progress done throughout my game that I have been working on for months. The game is finally getting a release date, and even has a trailer now! There is a discord server also that is getting ready for the release (will post it here) and there is a custom icon that has been made by me as well (it was hand-drawn so it has some minor design issues) which I think is pretty cool. The game is releasing on March 1st, 2022 and will feature wands, custom items, a cool map and PvP combat!! Go check the trailer out at and connect to either one of the IPs once the game has been released!!


Self-hosted version:

Minehut version: (or /join WizardryKB while in the hub)