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About Me

Hi! I go by AmazinAxel online, and I create stuff on the internet! I play video games and work on various projects. I'm based in the PNW, near Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada.

I focus more on developing websites and creating things using the web. Of course, I am very proficient at HTML and CSS, but I'm still learning PHP and JavaScript. I also am very good with Skript (a Minecraft coding language for servers) and handling / managing Linux servers. I also have (less in-depth) experience with video editing and creating Roblox games.

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This form is the best way to get in contact with me. You should use this form for letting me know about something and are not expecting a reply. If you would like a reply, please try contacting me through one of my social accounts listed above.

Skill Chart

I've been making websites and games for many years, however I'm still learning new things! These progress bars shows an approximate amount of my proficiency in that skill. 100% proficiency would mean that I'm very knowledgeable with that skill and may have some knowledge about some related libraries or frameworks if it's a language, and 0% would mean that I know basically nothing about it.

Hugo is a JAMstack static site generator written in Go. It allows you to easily create a static site, but uses APIs. I've been experimenting with Hugo and Static Site Generators over at my blog. I don't have too much experience yet, but I'm also learning how to use Cloudflare Pages because it's a stable method of hosting websites and is totally free. I'm also learning GIT while doing this because the repository is hosted on GitHub.
I am learning Node.js as an alternative to PHP. Although I do really like PHP, it may not be as useful in the future, so I'm learning Node.js to create future web applications. I don't know much about it yet, but Cloudflare Workers allows you to create free but simple Node.js applications on the edge. Node.js is a back-end web development enviornment that is written in JavaScript. It's simple enough and very fast. It uses JavaScript as its language but leverages it to build server-side code, and it can be used as a full-stack alternative for JavaScript, as it can be used on the client-side and the server-side.
Python is a very simple language that is very heavily used. It is extremely popular and has a large amount of frameworks. It can be used with AI and web development and it is very versatile. I got familiar with Python in 2021 when I started learning about how it worked, and I'm still in the process of learning how to use it. I am also learning Django (above), but I don't have any other knowledge of any other frameworks.
This is my main language of choice when it comes to back-end development. PHP is an easy-to-use language that is super simple to set up. I create most of my back-end panels with PHP and I am very experienced with PHP. I have been experimenting with PHP projects since 2021. I have created multiple large projects with PHP and many features of this site is also coded in PHP.
HTML is a markup language that allows you to create websites. It is a very basic and easy-to-learn language. I already know most things about how HTML works and I have been using it since 2018. I do prefer to use Markdown whenever possible for formatting because of its simplicity.
Skript is a language for coding Minecraft-based things. You can use it to create minigames, custom items, and more without having to use any Java! It is very simple and is written in plain English. I have used it to create many, many games and I'm still using it to create more projects! Skript is a good language for beginners that want to get used to creating Minecraft games without having to dive deep with Java.
CSS is a very basic styling engine for webpages. It allows you to style and structure a website however you like. I am very familiar with CSS and have been using it since 2020. I understand most CSS concepts and can create responsive webpages that scale to many screens, such as a small phone screen up to a very large widescreen monitor. I am not familiar with any other CSS frameworks, although I am interested in learning about Bootstrap or Tailwind in the future.
JavaScript is a very versatile language mainly used for backend and frontend development for websites, but can also be used for many other purposes. I use JavaScript in almost every web application that I make and I have a lot of knowledge of how it works. However, I am unable to create many advanced applications and I do not have any knowledge in any other frameworks or libraries. I am very experienced with making AJAX applications using the latest JavaScript APIs, and I'm even able to create notification systems! I am interested in learning about some JavaScript libraries, but my projects so far haven't required them.
I used to know Java very well, however I have since stopped using it (for now) to build applications. I completed multiple coding bootcamps that taught me the basics of Java, however I never fully utilized it and moved on. I started to really get into Java in 2018 but stopped using it in late 2020. As of now, I don't have much interest in learning more about it except for creating Minecraft servers. I only learned about the core Java functions and never got familiar with any libraries.
I have a lot of knowledge of how to manage Linux computers. I know many Linux commands and I am very comfortable with the terminal. I know how to use some more advanced programs, like systemctl or supervisorctl, and my editor of choice is nano. I also have a Raspberry Pi that I customized heavily and I am now using Raspbian Lite paired with XFCE with a completely custom desktop theme, which makes it super lightweight and fast. I also had 1 year of experience managing Minecraft servers that were running on Linux and got used to how servers worked during that time (2021).
DaVinci Resolve is a free video editor for creating advanced videos. I know how to use it very well and have created many videos with it. I have a lot of experience and knowledge of how to use it's basic features, plus some of the more advanced effects and transitions. I don't have any knowledge of it's music editor or any of its paid features.
SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a super simple programming language to manage databases. The syntax of SQL is almost like English! Because of this and my knowledge of databases, I can say that I'm fairly knowledgeable when it comes to SQL and MySQL databases. I have also been looking into MySQL alternatives, however I currently only know how to use MySQL.

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