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About Me

Hi! I go by AmazinAxel on most things online and i do stuff on the internet. I'm a pretty chill guy that likes to play video games and make projects!



I focus more on developing websites and creating things using the web. I am decent at HTML and CSS, but i'm still learning PHP and JavaScript. I also am very good with Skript (a Minecraft coding language for servers) and handling Linux servers. I also have experience with video editing and making videos.



You can find me on a couple social platforms, but the links to the ones that I use the most are below.



Contact Me

This contact form is the best way to contact me. You can use this form to ask about any questions, concerns or inquiries you have. If the form fails for any reason, please try contacting me through other services (such as my GitHub, Skype, or Discord accounts) but I am not able to guarantee a response from this form or from my other social accounts.