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My ratings and reviews on my experiences with bubble tea!

Koi D Bar (Salt Lake City)

Koi D Bar (near Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah) was the first bubble tea place I tried in Salt Lake, and our experience here was not great. The store was clean and extremely popular (but it was near downtown which is understandable) but my bubble tea just didn't stack up with the rest of the competition. My tea was extra sweet and they also didn't have tapioca pearls here, so I had to get popping lychee again. Of course, the popping boba had already popped in the tea before you could drink it and made the drink taste like lychee. This place was slightly better than Boise but I still wouldn't recommend it. I would blame these bad experiences slightly on the awful heat and the boba shortage of 2021, which sort of ruined bubble tea places during this time.

Urban Fox (Boise)

Urban Fox (Meridian, Idaho, suburb of Boise) was one of my least favorite bubble tea places. My tea that I had ordered had tea that tasted like you let Lucky Charms cereal mix with milk for 2 hours and then just drank the milk. The color also had looked like you dumped a whole bunch of those blue Lucky Charms marshmellows and mixed it with milk. During the time we had gone there, one of the only boba options was Popping Lychee which had popped in the tea before you even got to drink it. This made the drink taste like Lucky Charms cereal mixed with Lychee jellies, that had been watered down with the ice that had been added to the drink. I would have to say that the store had a very nice interiror and that the staff were kind. Maybe this is biased because of the heat and the boba shortage, so I bumped the review up to 2 boba pearls.

Yi Fang Bubble Tea (Sammammish)

Yi Fang bubble tea (located in Sammamish, WA, suburb of eastern Seattle) feels very traditional and has great boba. Their grass jelly is my favorite boba to get there, and they did a great job mixing in the different type of teas in my trio drink. The pictures online show that the drink is made with actual tea leaves which may be the reason to why this boba is just so good, and it is definitely a competitor to my favorite commercial bubble tea place, Sharetea. The prices for the drinks were very competitive and is a great value. This boba place is also located in a great area since you can get everything done in just 1 mall! You can get acai bowls from Emerald City Smoothies, get groceries at Trader Joes, get your food at the different restraunts in Sammamish (TacoTime, DQ, McDonalds, Vinason...) and top it all off with a bubble tea here at Yi Fang! This location is also only less than half an hour from downtown Seattle, which makes it a great option for Seattleites to come here to get their boba and escape the traffic. Overall, the tea is great, the price is great, and the location is great, so I give this boba a solid 9/10 boba pearls! (Note: if I come back here and have another great experience, there is a high chance that this rating may become a 10/10!)

QQ Li's Chinese Cuisine (Bellingham)

We just went to QQ Li's Chinese Cuisine in the Viking's Plaza (near the college) in Bellingham, Washington and the first impressions of this place wasn't that good. They had a sort of run down place but it was right next to the college, and because of Bellingham's many colleges, it makes it a college town. Many students can't afford expensive food so the Vikings Plaza serves cheap Chinese food, Mexican food, pizza and more. But, the quality of the food isn't the greatest so you can expect to pay a lower price for lower quality food. This makes this boba place a meh place, its good for cheaper boba and you get a lot of boba pearls in it, but the restraunt is sort of run down and the tea is okay. It is not the greatest bubble tea but its not awful, so I definitely rate this place 5 boba pearls. (it doesnt have the traditional boba seal btw!)

Posted On: May 20th, 2022

Banh Mi Bubble Tea (Bellingham)

Another bubble tea place has opened up just after Bellis Boba had their grand opening! These guys just opened a week ago and I would have to say that this place is by far better than Bellis Boba. The bubble tea here was absolutely amazing and the tea was just great. They also had good banh mi sandwiches and other traditional Thai drinks. The tea was very flavourful and was just perfect. The rainbow lychee was also really good, but I think that they put too little considering they charged extra for the toppings. My last complaint is that there was just wayy too much ice in the drink and watered down the drink. Other than that, this is one of my favorite bubble tea places in Bellingham and we will definitely be coming back here for their Banh Mi and bubble tea (but I will order it with no ice and extra toppings next time!) It's honestly great to see so many bubble tea places opening up in Bellingham and is really giving great competition to make better bubble tea here and more options for me.