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hi everyone! today is august 15, 2022 and i just wanted to let everyone know that I will be gone for a little while because we are going on a sort of trip / camp. I havent done much last week because we have been busy (we started this trip on friday) but I have did a lot of work on my new web operating system and working on the new OS icons! I also did a little bit of sound design but its kind of difficult. Thats it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is august 8th, 2022 and its actually been a pretty successfull weekend for me in terms of coding. I didnt do too much work over the week but I did do a lot of work on the site over the weekend. I also worked on recoding the about me page and making the form actually have a better delay. I also worked on making a new Boba page and its going really well. Finally, I did a little bit of bug fixing on WKB and I also did a lot of work on Barrenlands. See you guys next week!

hi everyone! today is august 1st and its the first day of august! I have been working a lot on my phone and getting a GSI installed on it but i cannot figure it out! I also have been doing a little bit of bug fixing on WKB and its been going really well. I also have a surprise for one of my older projects and combining it with WKB!!! I also just wanted to let you all know that school is starting soon and i wont be able to work on projects. we also might be going on a trip to Seattle later which i am SUPER hyped about!!!!! i also wont be active for this week because i will be busy (i have been busy a lot recently) and thats about it! see you guys next week!

hi everyone! today is july 25th, 2022, and we are nearing the end of Summer! We are actually starting school on Aug 15th so I wont have as much time to work on projects. The projects that I have been working on is WizardryKB and the new device that I just got! I have been working on making a new bug fix update to WKB for a while and I have just started working on it. I also just got a new phone that I am messing around with and I just unlocked the bootloader and started rooting the phone. It works pretty well but I wish that there was a TWRP recovery and some custom ROMs for this phone, but it was really cheap on Amazon so I'm not complaining (if anyone is wondering, it is a Motorola Moto G Pure 2021 and I got it on sale for less than $150) I also did a little bit of work on the backend of my site (again) and I have been working on making this cool file manager! Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week! 

hi guys! today is july 18, 2022 and i didnt do too much last week. I have been considering about how I should monetize WKB but I am getting sort of demotivated from it. I have been focusing more and more on web based applications and games so I am not sure if I will continue the project or not :(((( I also have been doing a good amount of work on the backend of my site and just making everything better by making a file manager and stuff! thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

SWR Mini (July 16, 2022)


I just learned that there are 2 new boba places opening up in my area! The first one is called Ochalicious and will also serve different deserts. This one is having a soft opening in less than a week and is close by to where we live! AND, the popular donut chain, Mochinut, is opening a store near also nearby to where we live! Mochinut serves boba, donuts, desserts and more.

hi guys! today is july 11th and i only have less than a month before my schools starts again! I released the update and changelogs onto the game and all of that has been finished. I dont feel motivated to continue working on the game because people are not playing it, so I am thinking about stopping the project. I am getting more demotivated to work on the project because I am working on other projects. I also did some work on my website and have been working to implement new personal APIs for my future projects. I also just bought a new phone to play around with rooting and ROMs and stuff. Thats it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! sorry that im late, its actually tuesday, june 5th! I was very, very busy yesterday with the 4th of july and everything and i didnt have time to make this post! Yesterday we took a trip down to lake union and downtown Seattle to watch the fireworks and it took up the entire day! I know its not really professional to miss the date but if you heard already, my game had an update on july 4th! (well, it was supposed to be yesterday but i missed it!) and I did a ton of work on the game! If you havent yet, you should join the discord server and try joining the game to check out the new things that were added and experience the update with other people! thats it for this week and i will see you guys next week!

hi everyone! today is june 27th and its the last week of june! we have been going through a heat wave and its been getting pretty hot around here. Last week I did a ton of progress on WKB and there is something big coming out next week! Stay tuned for the new update on our Discord! I also have been working on my website backend and I have been trying to get things to run faster and better. Progress has pretty much stopped on barrenlands and I am not sure if we will ever release the game! Luckily, this new update that I am working on will surely make up for it. thats it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is june 20th and its my first actual week of summer! i actually finished summer last week on tuesday but this is my first week that im actually not doing any school at all. So far I have done a ton of work on WizardryKB and I am working on a new backend for the server. I also have been doing a little bit of work on Barrenlands. Expect a huge update to come to WizardryKB in the coming month(s)! 

hi guys! Today is June 13th and this is my last week of school! I have been getting a lot more progress done on WizardryKB and I have a huuuuge secret update in the works! There is so much that is coming this update and im so excited to release it to you guys! My goal release date is July 4th and the minehut version to be released in the days after. I have plans on hosting a summer frenzy party and give out free stuff! Unfortunately, I don't have enough players to do this on my main server so I will advertise the server on Minehut and then do the Summer Frenzy party. I'm so excited for summer to come around so I can have even more time work on this project, but unfortunately we are also kind of in the process of moving so im not sure how much time I will be able to dedicate working on WKB. Thats it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi everyone! Today is june 6, 2022 and its almost summer! I will be done with school pretty soon and I will have more time to work on some projects. I was inactive a bit last week because I was very busy irl but we're all good now and everything is back to normal. I have been working on barrenlands and we got a little bit of progress done on it, but i feel like the project is going to die soon, but im trying to keep it going and get it to a point of a stable release sometime this summer! I also have been working on WizardryKB again because I have the time, and lets just say this update is going to be *awesome*!!!! I have so much planned and there is just so much to be done and its going to be an amazing update, but unfortunately, these updates take time and i still dont expect a release untill sometime later this summer. I'm keeping this a secret for now which is why you will not notice any new updates on the Discord but lots of work is being done on the backend! :)) I also have been working on my new API system, its still a work in progress and im still adding some more APIs for myself to be used in my sites and projects. That's pretty much it and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! Today is May 30, 2022 and I did a decent amount of work last week. First off, I did a lot of work on Barrenlands, our new upcoming Minecraft server. I also did a little bit of work on the website and adding new features. Next, I worked on a Scratch game for a little but I don't plan on releasing it. Finally, I found a really cool project on GitHub and decided to add some new features and things to it. This is my first pull request I have ever made on GitHub so I don't know if I did everything right. Thats it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

SWR Mini - May 23, 2022

Moving Day


I just wanted to let you guys know that starting on May 31 throughout the month of June and the summer, I will be mostly inactive as we will be moving into a new house and getting our things unpacked. We will be staying in the PNW and we are not moving away from the bubble tea places that I have been regularly going to and I will still be going to the ones that have locations in Bellingham, WA (I will actually be closer to the bubble tea places!)

hi guys! Today is may 23, 2022 and I got a good amount of stuff done last week. I was able to get some work done on my new operating system and my website went offline for a couple days while I tried to get that set up. Luckily, I was able to restore my website to its original state while keeping my new webtop. I also got some progress done on our new game, Barrenlands and was able to do a bit of work on my website and a new game! That's pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! Today is may 16, 2022 and I did a ton of work on my website. I have a ton of cool stuff planned to be released in the summer, such as WizardryKB, our new game that we had been working on, a new Cloud system, a new Scratch game and a completely redesigned website! Yeah, its safe to say that I have a ton of stuff to do. I have been recently working on a new Cloud system, that would allow you to connect to a website and see a really cool desktop interface with apps! This is the reason why my website is down right now because I am still doing some testing. I still have yet to do some development on that website-exclusive game that I had just talked about but I am still trying to work on the art style of the game, which is why I am choosing to go with a pixel art theme for that game. WizardryKB also has just got its update plan rolled out and I will start development of 1.5 later this summer. The new game that I am working on is getting a ton of progress done so far and its going great. Finally, I am developing a CommunityCloud for people to hang out, chill and socialize in a nice, web based enviornment. It will have a social media, a chat system, a desktop system for manging multiple apps and cloud systems and a maybe even allowing people to create a simple, one page website with HTML! Thats it for this week and I hope to see you next week!

SWR Mini - May 11, 2022

I think that a recession is coming because things are starting to look bad. There has been extremely high inflation and things are really expensive. The war might have something to do with this but I'm not completely sure. I do know that we are about to go into a recession because of this inflation and the rising interest rates are just going to make it worse. There have been many, many stores that have been closing nearby and things are really, really expensive. The stock market is probably about to drop and people know that a recession is coming. I won't be surprised if this recession is really deep because everyone and everything seems to be just trying to make it a deep recession. I hope this won't happen but I have doubts that it wouldn't happen. 


UPDATE 2 - same day, unrelated

Every single day I look up, "Bellis Boba" in Google to see if they have finally opened. We go to the mall that the Bellis Boba is opening at and we have been waiting for a good boba place to open. There is another one opening later called, "Pho Bubble Tea" but it's not open yet. I have been waiting for their grand opening and it seems like today is the day!! I will be posting my review on it soon. This place looks awesome! It has been about 2 months since they announced they were opening a new boba place in Bellingham, in the Bellis Fair mall. We have been going to that mall to get boba from the Big Orange and that other wierd place near the Chipotle. They have been slowly opening and we saw the progress that they have been making. I'm honestly so hyped and it looks so good and this can (hopefully) be the best boba place in Bellingham, as the bubble tea here isn't that great. 

UPDATE 3 - same day, unrelated

So pretty much I am excited again because I just realized that taco bell mexican pizzas are coming back!!! Im so hyped because I love taco bell mexican pizzas and I was DEVASTATED when they removed it during the pandemic. During the time that they were taking tons of items off their menu, we were going there almost daily. The pandemic took a toll on us and Taco Bell was the only decent healthy drive-thru around (yeah, and I was in rainy Portland at that time! you would think that a rainy city like that would have more drive-thru's, yet Bellingham, Seattle and Vancouver have more drive-thrus than Portland!) Every time we went to Taco Bell I would always get my Mexican Pizzas and they were the bomb. We also got shredded chicken burritos and their decently priced tacos, but just a couple months later, they took that all away from us and started increasing their prices! They are taking one step in the right direction to bring back the Mexican Pizzas. Their next step is to bring back those shredded chicken burritos and lower those prices! But, I am stll excited to head back at the taco bell in Ferndale (suburb of Bellingham, Washington) to prove the guy that said "mexican pizzas are not coming back" completely wrong!

hi everyone! today is may 9, 2022 and I did a lot of work on my website. You may have already noticed some of the new features, such as the popup and the dropdown. I have also finished the WizardryKB website and that will be released as part of the 1.5 update that is releasing later this summer / fall. I have also done a good amount of work on the new game that me and my friends are working on and we have passed our expected release date. We are polishing some things up and then I will make a trailer about it on YouTube. I expect a release in a couple weeks, maybe in June. Things are going really well and I was able to get a lot of things done. That is pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

Hi guys! Today is May 2nd, 2022 and its my first post of may! I have some good news for people who enjoyed WizardryKB, as I am already working on a *HUGE* new update that is planned for late summer / winter! Tons of new things are coming, including a revamped rank system and an entirely reprogrammed server! We are also working on a new game called Barrenlands, which I cant talk much about it here but you guys will just have to wait and see what the new game is all about sometime later this month or year! I am really excited for the game release because its super cool and we put a ton of work in it already. I also did some work on my website here and am working on adding some more features to make this website less bland and a lot more lively, by adding buttons, dropdowns, tooltips, notification alert thingys, a possible live chat and more! Finally, school has started back up again for me which means less time on the projects for now. This was my last break before the summer so this is my last bit of grinding of school for this year. During the summer there are probably going to be a lot of things happening in my life so projects might not get done on time and my time might get a little limited. Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi everyone! Today is april 25, 2022 and i did a pretty good amount of things last week. First, I started working on a new website for WizardryKB (even though I just announced I would be taking a break from developing on it!) and I also did some various things on my website, such as a new tooltip and completely revamping my backend to make it much easier to manage. I also have been working on a new game and I did a ton of coding. This break that I have is really helping me do a lot of things and I am glad that I have gotten a lot done. You will notice some differences here on this website once I finish making some changes, and the new webpage for WizardryKB will be arriving with the release of WKB 1.5 later this year or next year. I also just wanted to say that I am taking a long break from developing on WIzardryKB and that no progress will be made during then. Things should be getting back to normal later once I feel like I'm ready to start developing stuff. I also have been dipping into the world of Linux and trying out some different Linux distros. My favorite right now is Slax, since I can just keep it on a USB and take it anywhere I go! Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! Today is april 18 and I hope everyone enjoyed their easter! We had an amazing (early) easter since we got to check out downtown Seattle, WA and saw the Space Needle, the great Seattle wheel, Pike Place market (starbucks) and all the cool skyscrapers! (We also saw the suburbs of Seattle and saw the cities of Sammamish, Redmond (microsoft), Kirkland (costco), Bellvue, Issaquah, Lynnwood, Everett, Shoreline, etc.) This trip did take some time out of working on projects, but its fine since I have a break starting today where I will be able to work on more projects! Unfortunately, the break will end and then I will have to go back to school. Last week I did some work on WIzardryKB and I even started on a new game that I am working on with friends, and we have gotten so much done already! I have already finished programming all the guns and the vault and TP system, while my friends have already finished generating the map and creating some 3D models for the guns! Finally, I also worked on my website and added a new form and a new dropdown in my About Me page. I have been working more on my website and trying to make it even smaller and faster than before. Thats it for this week and I hope to see you next week!

hi everyone! Today is april 11, 2022 and its almost spring break! I have been waiting for a break to get actual work done on stuff, and its finally come! I may get some good work done on some stuff! Anyways, I also enjoyed finishing Raising Dion s2 and im really excited to see what Pat will do next in season 3! I also did some work on my website and added a new feature on my About Me page which lets anyone contact me! I am trying to customize it to remove the bots and so that no one can spam my form, but its working pretty well so far! I also did some work on WizardryKB and worked on the new update that is coming maybe next month! Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! Today is april 4, 2022 and this week I did a ton of progress on WizardryKB. I have a lot of different projects that I am working on all at once, such as WizardryKB 1.5 (i just released 1.4 yesterday) my mini server that will be hosting my dev server, website updates such as a new forum or mailing list and contact page, and this is all being a little slowed down because of school and that maybe i just realized Raising Dion season 2 just came out... thats pretty much it for this much, and i just wanted to bring up the Ukranians and I wanted to acknowledge their bravery, strength and their power during a hard time such as a war against an overpowering country with many more nukes, weapons, people and tanks. The Ukranians are very smart people and are taking these Russians head-on, and are very tactical with how they fight. I hope this war ends well for them and this isn't the start of the US being pulled into this war. Thats it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi everyone! today is march 29 and its the last tuesday in march! I forgot to update this yesterday and I totally go soo busy just trying to figure out how to install Puppy Linux on my half a decade old laptop that is soooo slow with windows 10 that its unusable. I have been trying to install Puppy Linux or a very lightweight version of Linux on it for about half a week now and its been unsuccessful :/ I might have to resort to using a USB drive to boot instead of the storage in the laptop unfortunately. I plan on using it as a personal server to host files / content on our internet. Puppy linux is definitely my type of linux, as it runs on RAM so its super fast, very lightweight and not bloated, very customizable and has a great package manager. I have to use Zorin lite for my laptop currently because it is the only OS working on this old laptop. Anyways, this week I did a lot of work on my WizardryKB Minecraft server and even released a trailer, which you can see here! I also did some work on the server itself, and a little bit of backend changes. I have been mainly focusing on making the trailer and working on my personal linux server. Thats it for this week and i will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is march 21 and this week i did a lot of coding for my Minecraft server and things are really going well on there! I was able to get a ton of stuff done, and if you haven't yet you should join the Discord server to stay up to date with the progress I have been making on there. School is making it harder for me to be able to get a ton of work done on it but I have been working on it over the weekends and during my free time. Version 1.3 is in development and a ton of polish and new things are being added! I also confirmed that the release date for 1.3 would be sometime this week and that a ton of progress was being made on 1.3. I also teased a new thing coming in 1.3 over at the Discord server and I think it will help to make the server more professional. I didn't do anything else this week except for working on the Minecraft server and trying to repurpose my Minecraft Gameband that I got a few years ago.

hi everyone! Today is march 14th and I did a decent amount of things last week. I have continued work on WizardryKB and I announced a couple things over at the Discord server. I am planning a huge new update that will turn this game into a full on server! It is in development and will take a very long amount of time but the developer updates will be posted on the Discord server. I also did a revamp of my dad's website and some work on various other projects. thats it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is march 7, 2022 and there is lots of new things that I am working on! the first is definitely WKB, I did some work on the Discord server and that is finally out, and it has been almost a week since WKB had its release! since then, there were some updates I did such as version 1.1 for both Minehut and the self-hosted verson. I also worked on a scratch game and got a lot of work done on a private server. Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is feburary 28, 2022 and its the last day in feburary! This month has gone by so quickly and we are already heading into March! As you might have already seen, I have made 4 consecutive posts regarding the Ukraine and Russia conflict, and I am going to continue updating it every single day as long as there is extreme tension and/or fighting between them. Last week I announced the release of my game, FreePvP which will be available on Minecraft, and made a trailer for it too. I also worked heavily on a different game, which will be a website exclusive release. I'm excited for the release of WizardryKB tomorrow and I hope to possibly make more fun minigames soon! 

SWR Mini (Feburary 25, 2022)

This SWR mini is dedicated to the people in Ukraine who are fighting for their country against Russia. I am worried about the russo-ukraine war that is happening right now in Ukraine and its really sad. The Ukranians didn't do anything to deserve this but Russia is invading them anyways. It has only been a couple days since Russia declared war and its already gotten seriously bad. I am grateful that the Ukrainian soldiers care for their country and are trying their hardest to defend their country, even if Russian forces can overpower them. There is no country that is going to help Ukraine with military forces currently and it's really sad that Russia can get away with invading Ukraine and other countries wont fight back with force. There are some sanctions in place against Russia but its not enough, I believe more should be done against this. Watching the invasion online just shows how awful it is, especially that it has only been a couple days since the invasion. I hope the world can get together and do something about this insane and unjustified war.


Update 2 (Feburary 26, 2022)

Things have only gone downhill since I made that last message, and now the United States and the UK have put SWIFT bans on russia, and im hoping this doesnt result in another war for other countries. Things have been going poorly in Ukraine unfortunately, but those Ukrainians are showing a lot of spirit and patriotism for their country, and are doing a great job at holding the Russians at bay. I wish this war would end soon, as its awful to look at the news and see this kind of stuff everywhere. I hope everything will become better for those Ukranians everything ends well for them.

Update 3 (Feburary 27, 2022)

I am soo glad I optimized my CMS for a phone because I'm not using my laptop right now and I wanted to make this post. I decided that I want to update this every single day as long as there is tension and action between Russia and Ukraine. I want to put my own opinions on here every day during the war, even if I'm doing it at night on my phone like right now. Honestly it's terrible that Belarus is helping Russia in attack Ukraine and that's just awful. Those Ukranians were doing a great job fighting for their country but now Russia needs more help, even though Russia is like so much bigger than Ukraine!!! that's just crazy, Russia now needs troops against a smaller country that should not be holding this much of a fight!! I'm proud of those Ukranian soldiers for doing such a great job and keep it up Ukranian soldiers! Also to Russia, you should be expecting that your currency will tank, and shame on you for fighting an unnecessary war that even your own soldiers don't even want to fight in! I stand with Ukraine!

Update 4 (Feburary 28, 2022)

I'm back on my laptop but the issues in Ukraine are just getting worse. The Russian army is getting closer to Kyiv so its getting even worse there and backups are arriving for Russia which is honestly terrible because Ukraine is already on the losing side. I hope that the Ukranian President is staying safe somewhere and his family is doing okay, since the Russian President is trying to get assassins to get him unfortunately. Russia is so much more powerful than Ukraine but it doesn't make sense when they are asking for backup, even though Ukraine isn't even getting that much backup! It really just shows that the Russians severely underestimated these Ukranians and I hope that the Ukranians can succesfully beat them back. The Russian currency also seems to be going down like a rock and those sanctions are slowly killing Russia. This is all good news, but can Ukraine hold them off long enough for Russia and it's allies to retreat? 

Update 5 (March 1, 2022)

Watching the news about Ukraine is just getting worse, those convoys and the troops closing in to Kyiv and Kharkiv is just terrible to watch since everyone knows what will happen once they get into the center of the cities. I am also worried about nuclear warfare that might happen in the future, as Putin put his troops on high alert for their nuclear sector but I hope they wont start WWIII. The Ukranian President is doing a good job and trying his best to protect his country but Russia has him and his family on the number 1 and 2 target for assasination so I hope he is able to live through it all. I hope Russia realizes their mistake and retreats, but with how close they are getting to Kyiv and Kharkiv they are most likely not going to retreat at this point. I hope Ukraine can make it out safely but they have already lost many casualties. 

Update 6 (March 1, 2022) - Disclaimers:

I wanted to put some disclaimers before posting anything tomrrow, and I just wanted to let you guys know that I shouldn't be a source of reliable news and you should be using a different news outlet to find the latest Ukranian-Russian war news. I also wanted to say that these are my personal opinions and are biased, and I do not live in Ukraine or Russia, or any of the surrounding areas. 

Update 7 (March 2, 2022)

The war just seems to be getting worse and Ukraine is still doing an amazing job protecting Kharkiv and Kyiv. Russia probably thought it would have been over but those Ukranians are still doing an amazing job defending their country. I am worried that the Ukranian President will be assassinated soon, and his bravery in the front lines and staying with people in Kyiv is not helping him stay stafe. I hope Ukraine can make it out safely, but in the meantime all I can do is hope and pray for Russia to go back to their own country.

Update 8 (March 3, 2022)

It has been over a week since the war started and I think more countries need to send troops and more supplies to help Ukraine, because right now it looks like they are falling. Ukraine lost a major port city and the Russian convoy is very close to the capital, once it reaches Kyiv the whole city is pretty much over, unless countries can send in troops to help defend them. The Ukranian President also found an assassin that he believes was trying to kill him, and I'm glad that he found them, as most of the Ukranian troops will lose morale and Ukraine will be over if the President is gone. I dont have high hopes for Ukraine to survive through this entire war. It's possible for them to but I don't think they will manage because there isn't enough help being given to Ukraine.

Update 9 (March 3, 2022) The Power Plant

This is absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!! What are those Russians thinking???????? They are literally shelling the largest power plant in all of Europe!!!!!! What in the world! If that thing explodes, it can kill so many people and the war might as well just end if it does, and will backfire in Russia like crazy! I am looking at the news live and this literally happened 5 minutes ago and is super insanely serious and at this point I just can't believe Russia would do this.

Update 10 (March 4, 2022)

Yesterdays news literally made me crazy and I was concerned that Europe was about to end! Luckily everything is better now but the Russians excuse was not good. The President of Ukraine has already had 3 different assassination attemps and he has survived every single one. There is not much to say for today except that I noticed Hostinger changed their logo. I use them for hosting different projects and they changed their logo to a new "Glory to Ukraine!" logo, which I appreciate. They are located in Lithuania and are in support of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

Update 11 (March 5, 2022)

The war has been going on for a while now and Russia is just getting pounded with these sanctions. They are realizing the power of these sanctions and are losing out on a ton of money. This war has costed them a lot and they really do deserve this. What they did starting that war against a peaceful nation and soverign country is just totally wrong and they need to be punished. People in Ukraine are having their lives totally changed because of this and people in Russia need to have their lives changed too. There isn't much to say for today except for Slava Ukraini!

Update 12 (March 6, 2022)

I am really worried that this war is going to escalate. These Ukranian troops are doing a great job and Putin just seems to be getting angrier as the troops just keep on holding their ground. I am worried they are going to start bombing and shelling even more and targetting even more civilians. Ukraine doesn't need or deserve this, they didn't do anything wrong to deserve this either. Putin has just started this war and he is making the Ukranian civilans pay. They also are jamming signals and disabling internet in the power plant which makes it even harder for the power plant that was getting shelled to operate. It's like they are just trying to get the largest power plant in Ukranie and Europe to explode!! I hope they can just stop and go back to their country and everyone can go back to their lives before. Slava Ukraini!

Update 13 (March 7, 2022)

There is not much to say for today except I was on Hostinger's website and they were trying to raise awareness for this issue. There is not much news coming out of Ukraine and the rest of the world, and the Russians seem to be making no progress in the past 2 days according to what I am reading up on. I don't have much to comment on today but I hope Ukraine will survive this war! Slava Ukraini!

Update 14 (March 8, 2022)

I have decided that putting daily updates is kind of unnecessary for this because for the past couple days, there hasn't been that much news other than companies like McDonalds pulling out of Russia (which is a great thing!) so I won't be updating this every single day. I will still update this when something major happens though, like when a peace treaty is signed or Ukraine is taken over. I really hope everything gets sorted out but I am glad Russia is getting pounded with companies leaving them and they are losing even more money. Slava Ukraini!

Update 15 (March 18, 2022)

The war has been going on for a while now and its starting to get even worse because more and more civillian places are getting shelled or bombed. Putin is also showing signs of a mental illness and he is making the war even worse by slowly using even more deadly weapons. I hope this can get sorted out, and recently there have been deepfakes or fake messages about Ukraine's president saying to surrender. Ukraine's president is a hero and will definitely go into the history books. His actions and what he has done for his country so far deserves a big award and he deserves to be recognized by history as a great leader. Russia is really facing the hardships of this war (especially them missing out on McDonalds!!) and it seems like the gas prices here are maybe going to get cheaper. I haven't been updating this much because of school, and because there isn't much to update on here, as its just war and destruction. I will keep updating this but not as regularly (maybe once 1-5 days?) Slava Ukraini!

Update 16 (March 21, 2022)

Honestly I think that president Zelensky is such a great president during this time and what he has been doing for his country is amazing, and I think that one of the only reasons that Ukraine has been doing so well fending off the attackers is because of Zelensky. Putin has decided to step up the war a notch and is now launching supersonic missles at Ukraine and they are hitting only a couple miles away from a NATO country! I would absolutely love it if they were to accidentally hit Poland or some NATO country and NATO forces would absolutely destroy Russia (but it wouldn't be a good thing if it starts WW3!) because the way that Putin is acting now is just awful. He wants to get more patriotism for this war but the only reason people came to his speech is because he was offering money if people attended. I also feel the same pain those Russians are feeling without their McDonalds because not having a McDonalds is just awful, their food there is amazing imo. I wish this war would just end or that Russia would accidently hit a NATO country and Russia would get pounded and it would all be over because many, many people are dying and this is such a useless war. Also, Russia has been recruiting 18 year olds that don't even know how to even fight! There are videos of 18 year old soldiers pointing guns at others and messing around, even running from ambushes and doing literally everything wrong. It's like Russia is just putting in their troops there to die, they weren't even trained or anything! I hope this war can end soon and Russia gets payback for what they have started.

Update 17 (March 25, 2022)

The war has now been going on for over a month now, and there are no signs of it stopping. I am soooo glad the US and NATO are planning on an attack against Russia if they do decide to go absolute bonkers and use chemicals or nuclear weapons. The US is threating them now, which will give Putin a good taste of his own medicine! I'm so glad that more and more American companies are stepping up on this war, and even more obscure websites are standing up against this issue and making donations to help the Ukrainians. Those Ukranians are honestly amazing, and they are so tough and I look up to them (especially Zelensky! If you're reading this, you will go down in history as a great and amazing president, and many people look up to you for helping guide your country through this hard time!) The Ukraninans are still fighting, even though one of their big cities are literally getting levelled! They are now doing offensive attacks which is a great play by the Ukranian military. I personally want to help raise awareness of this issue and on my Minecraft server, I plan to add some Ukraine flags.

Update 18 (March 29, 2022) The Calm Before the Storm

I believe that this war is going to become a possible war between many countries. This is what we believe is the calm before the storm, before Russia starts a full on war. Russia is in serious trouble right now with everyone except China against them. I think Russia is really going to regret this decision to start a war against Ukraine and the Ukrainians are really putting up a great fight. Russia made a super bad decision and is literally showing the entire world how awful Russia's army and morale, and whole country is. Their economy is bad, their army is also bad, and their country is now in a state of uncertainty. This war should end before Russia does something wrong and starts an even bigger war against more countries. Slava Ukraini and donate to Ukraine to help them!

Update 19 (April 4, 2022) War Crimes

The city of Mariupol is literally levelled, and it was supposed to be the size of Minneapolis. Minneapolis has many skyscrapers and tall buildings, but when you look at Mariupol, you just see broken buildings and not a single skyscraper in sight. The Russian forces completely levelled the city and every single resident and civillian in that city is in a very dangerous situation. Near the Kyiv suburbs there is a supposed war crime because the Russian forces placed a tank on a highway going out of Kyiv and killed all innocent civillians, who did nothing wrong and are trying to escape their country. Russia also said they would "pull back" out of some areas of Ukraine and they are looking very desperate with how much money they have because they gave the ISS to the Americans and didn't want to spend any more money on it, and they are even trying to sell their oil and everything they export for lower prices to India (I just wish India would stop funding this war) which show that they are running low on money and didn't plan this war to go for this long. I am so happy the Ukranians are getting a ton of support from other countries, but I don't think this is enough. If they are supplied troops, it will start a full on war but if they are supplied more weapons, tanks, and planes, it won't start a full on war but increase the Ukranians chance of winning. We were driving around some Seattle suburbs (Everret, Marysville, Arlington, Lake Stevens, Snohomish) and there were tons of Ukranian flags on homes and even on cars. I was just so happy to see so many people showing their support to the Ukranians and I hope this support lasts. Slava Ukrani and please help donate to the Ukranians!


Update 20 (April 8, 2022)


This is going to be a short update because i am actually on my ipad typing this. i just finished watching a video about a battle that happened to a town in Ukraine and it was just terrible. There were lots of gun firing and just looking around the town was just terrible. I play a lot of gun games and shooter games and the scariness in real life is just way worse than the pressure of being the last guy fighting a squad in a shooter game. I found that how they use RPGs, guns, machine guns and how modern street warfare is played out is similar to what i play in video games. This is just a short post about how i think the war is going and relating it to video games. That's it for this update and keep staying strong Ukrainians! 

Update 21 (April 11, 2022)

Just watching videos on Ukraine is just terrible. We are probably going to donate to them to just help them out. The Ukranians are fighting for their lives since the Russians are just rampaging through their cities. I wish the Russians would do more than just leave everywhere except eastern Ukraine. The Ukranians have to keep fighting strong and hard and they can do this! Slava Ukrani!

Update 22 (April 18, 2022)

I haven't seen that much news on the crisis yet, and I think thats because there really is no news about this. For the past couple days, there doesn't seem to be that many videos online about the new things happening in Ukraine, but I think that is happening since Russia is regrouping and are going to get a second attack. They have already lost 1 battle against Kyiv, since those Ukranians and their bravery / intellegence did them well. More money is being given to Ukraine to help them, and the money is being put to good use (unlike the Russians where they steal the money and waste it all) to planes, tanks, ammo, and training. I would love if Ukraine would win the war and bring peace back to Europe. I expect a big battle coming in the next weeks while Russia regroups and gets their supply line back. I hope that Ukraine will be able to defend themselves, but their chances seem to be getting slimmer with the regroup happening. Slava Ukraini! 

Update 23 (April 25, 2022)

It has now been over 2 months since the war is started and I still havent seen any ramping up in the battle. Ukraine and Russia both have stated that the next phase has begun and I haven't seen much news since. Russia looks extremely weakened so it looks like they are taking a big hit which is great. I am so glad Russia is getting what they paid for, and Ukraine is still holding on. The battle in the eastern cities look to be getting worse because the sounds are apparently getting closer. Russia's army is really not doing well since videos have shown that they are getting spoiled rations and unusable supplies. They also apparently lost communication when their old and outdated radio comms got jammed. Finally, they are getting destroyed by the Ukranian drones and because Russia isn't using any of their new technologies on Ukraine, they are taking a beating. This just really goes to show how bad they planned this attack and how totally wrong things went. I hope that Ukraine will be able to take back their cities and Slava Ukraini!

Update 24 (May 1, 2022)

This war has been going on for wayy too long now, and Russia is really getting pounded here. I think the only advantage that Russia has had over the West is going to be gone in the future as Germany and other European countries will probably switch away from Russian oil and gas. I hope that they move away from this and this in turn would stop Russia from expanding past Ukraine, but knowing them and their relationship with China and India, those countries will just keep supporting them on their effort to keep expanding. Of course, Germany and the other European countries are going to have to stop producing piplines to Russia and instead build them with a more reliable and allied country such as the US, but Russia will definitely *not* be happy if they do. I just hope this war could end so that people dont have to die uselessly just because of a greedy man known as Putin. Slava Ukraini!


Update 25 (May 4, 2022)

May the fourth be with you! This is going to be a shorter post but I think that there is going to be a very big escalation happening on May 9th because Putin is realizing how wrong all of this is going. He is probably going to announce something big, such as sending in even more troops or threaten Ukraine with more bomb threats. I'm not exactly sure whats going to happen on this date but I do know that it is Russia's Victory day, which is the day that Russia beat Nazi Germany. Putin is probably realizing the diminishing morale of the country as they all realize that they weren't as strong as they thought they are, with such an unpowerful country such as Ukraine beating back the Russians and even damaging Russia's top commander! I just hope that the Ukranians can end this war once and for all. Slava Ukraini!


Update 26 (May 9, 2022)


Today is Victory Day for Russia and I really beleive that they are about to announce something big today. I hope that they dont announce an increase in troops. I also heard that Finland was getting prepared to join Nato and that there are nuclear threats from Russia. If Russia ever does use nukes, it will start an all out war between NATO and Russia / China. Finally, I think that China is getting exposed and they should be getting exposed because people need to know the bad things that China has done. Slava Ukraini!

Update 27 (May 23, 2022)
They didn't announce anything big on Victory day luckily. They also seem to still be losing the war and not taking back land from the Ukranians. So far, things are silent and I haven't been hearing much news about the war recently. Slava Ukraini!

hi everyone! today is feburary 14, 2022 and yesterdays super bowl was pretty cool, and they had some pretty funny ads this time. Last week I did some programming and preparations to release the Minecraft server. I am doing some planning on Minehut and getting ready to push the server on to there. I will fix bugs and prepare the game for release, maybe sometime this week or even next week! I will also start making a trailer and maybe even a website and prepare the discord for release. This is going to be very cool once I release it since I have never successfully released a game before, FreePvP was sort of a diaster to release and I hope I can do this better. I will see you guys next week and I hope you guys are hyped for the game!!

hi guys! today is tuesday twosday (thanks to Corgi for reminding me about the date!), feburary 22, 2022 (2/22/2022) and I know i am a day late. I totally forgot to post this week's SWR and im doing it a day late, but now there is a cooler date! Last week I did a lot of programming for Guess The Pitch and I am taking it off of scratch. The game will be a website exclusive on a new Games page on this site. The game is still in development so it will not appear here for a while. Also for the Minecrafft server, I have stopped development temporarially since im working on that new game so the game release date might be delayed a little. Dont worry, I am going to release it still and I will also start work on a trailer for the game as I just found an amazing song that will work perfectly for the trailer. I will record some clips on the server later and post the trailer on youtube, and release the game a couple days later on Minehut and the self hosted server as a beta release. happy twosday and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is feburary 7th, 2022 and its feburary now! Later this week there will be the superbowl and raising dion season 2 is coming out tomorrow! im hyped to watch season 2 on netflix later and to work on my game later. The scratch game went well and there are a couple bugs that need to be fixed. there also was lots more work done on my upcoming Minecraft server, which I have decided I will release it on Minehut before the full release of it coming to a self-hosted server. I have decided that I have worked very hard so far on this game and its not worth just giving up on this project, so I will keep pushing through to release this project, even if I am still getting very little progress done through summer. I hope it will be released by the end of 2022 but once it does, it will be a very unique and amazing game! thats pretty much it for this SWR and i will see you guys next week (the day after the superbowl and puppybowl!)

hi everyone! today is january 31 and its the last day in january! tons of new things are coming out next month, like the cuphead show and raising dion s2. speaking of shows, i finished watching hilda the mountain king and definitely recommend it to anyone with netflix and has already watched s1 and s2 of hilda! anyways, i did some more work on the minecraft server and worked on stabilizing the server. its going to release soon, hopefully before summer. Join the discord here and stay tuned for more updates!

Hi guys! Today is January 23, 2022 and I am doing this a day early because I dont want to forget like last time :/ but I was also so excited to tell everyone that big progress has been done on the Minecraft server, and I might release it sometime in the summer if everything goes well. I also opened up a beta test on my Scratch game here that you can try out, and tell me about all of the bugs that you find in the comments! Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you all next week!


hi everyone! today is January 19th and its a wednesday, I may have forgotten to do it on monday... Anyways, last week I worked on a Scratch game and the Minecraft server and I also have some plans on a new blog as well. I also might be getting a new phone next week so I might be making a new blog post about that! thats pretty much it for this week and sorry for the 2 day delay! see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is january 10, 2022 and last week I didnt do too much. I am planning on starting a new blog that is related to technology and stuff, and I am also planning on trying out a new phone possibly, and recently I have been trying to unlock this Moto G5 Plus but it wont unlock so I will try to do something about that later. I did a very small amount of work on the Minecraft server and some more work on the new blog. I am starting school again so i might not get as much done :/ thats it for this SWR and I will see you guys in the next SWR!

hi everyone! today is January 3, 2022 and this is my first post of 2022! Last week I worked on the Minecraft server and some Github projects a little. I also worked on a new Android phone and tried to get the bootloader unlocked. If anyone can help me unlock the bootloader of an Amazon Prime Moto G5 Plus (32GB) please contact me! [redacted] (update from feburary 16th, 2022: i sold the phone about a month ago as I was unable to unlock the bootloader and bought a new phone instead)

hi guys! i just finished making this page (december 31, 2021) and im ready to start posting stuff here for 2022! Next monday you should see my first post of 2022 here, so I will see you guys on monday!