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Hi guys! Today is January 23, 2022 and I am doing this a day early because I dont want to forget like last time :/ but I was also so excited to tell everyone that big progress has been done on the Minecraft server, and I might release it sometime in the summer if everything goes well. I also opened up a beta test on my Scratch game here that you can try out, and tell me about all of the bugs that you find in the comments! Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you all next week!


hi everyone! today is January 19th and its a wednesday, I may have forgotten to do it on monday... Anyways, last week I worked on a Scratch game and the Minecraft server and I also have some plans on a new blog as well. I also might be getting a new phone next week so I might be making a new blog post about that! thats pretty much it for this week and sorry for the 2 day delay! see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is january 10, 2022 and last week I didnt do too much. I am planning on starting a new blog that is related to technology and stuff, and I am also planning on trying out a new phone possibly, and recently I have been trying to unlock this Moto G5 Plus but it wont unlock so I will try to do something about that later. I did a very small amount of work on the Minecraft server and some more work on the new blog. I am starting school again so i might not get as much done :/ thats it for this SWR and I will see you guys in the next SWR!

hi everyone! today is January 3, 2022 and this is my first post of 2022! Last week I worked on the Minecraft server and some Github projects a little. I also worked on a new Android phone and tried to get the bootloader unlocked. If anyone can help me unlock the bootloader of an Amazon Prime Moto G5 Plus (32GB) please contact me! [redacted]

hi guys! i just finished making this page (december 31, 2021) and im ready to start posting stuff here for 2022! Next monday you should see my first post of 2022 here, so I will see you guys on monday!