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My Projects

Dive deep and discover my diverse project portfolio!

Please note that not all my projects are shown here and some are only available on my GitHub page.

WizardryKB's Classic gamemode map


Unique Minecraft server with many minigames!

EggEvents is a unique Minehut server with many different gamemodes, such as LavaRise (similar to a lava rise survival gamemode) and Wizardry Skywars. Wizardry Skywars is a unique type of Skywars with 3 different maps, many different wands and custom items, and lucky blocks!
Join today with the IP: EggEvents.minehut.gg!

Roblox character shooting another player on a snowy town-themed map


Free for All Solo Gun Game

Join Now on Roblox!

FreePvP is a Roblox game where you explore the map to collect pistols, crossbows, shotguns and more! Duel your friends or other players with free VIP servers, and practice your skills with different guns. Explore the map to find hidden guns, and find your favorite gun and playstyle! Practice your skills with friends and others in public servers.

Screenshot of the Lofi Player UI

Lofi Player

A free, simple, clean, and feature-filled Lo-fi Player for all!

Check it out!

AmazinAxel's Lo-fi Player is a very clean and simple Lo-fi player for minimalists. It's goal is to spread the values of Lo-fi audio by staying simple and fast, but filled with useful features. It has many different radios that you can choose from, all with a unique purpose. It has over 120 different & unique songs. All songs in the player are either Public Domain or a non-restrictive Creative Commons license, so you could use these in anything you'd want! This application also supports many various useful features, such as media widget support, app home screen support, and the ability to use this application offline when needed. It's constantly being updated with new songs and radios, so check on it often for even more enjoyable music!

This Website!

This site was generated with Node.js using my own custom static site generator!

Believe it or not, this site is one of my major projects. I have been making websites forever, and I've undergone many iterations. This website is generated with my own, custom static site generator that transforms Markdown files into HTML files with a template design. My contact form also integrates nicely into Cloudflare Workers (functions) and Workers KV, offering a nice and dynamic-like speedy website hosted for free on the edge with Cloudflare Pages.