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SWR 2021 Wrap Up

December 31, 2021

Hi guys! Welcome to my SWR Yearly Wrap Up for 2021! This year was a little bit crazy and I completed a couple cool projects! My first project that I was working on was Roombot. I was working on it during early Feburary, throughout the ice storms that hit Oregon and Texas. I was unfortunately affected by this extreme storm and had no power for several days. Becuase of this, we decided that we would park at a 7-Eleven convinence store and use their wifi and power to get a project done (and binge watch both seasons of Hilda on netflix...) I completed the project right after we got power and posted it on my old website. It basically turns a Codey into a bot that can control your room (it couldnt do that much, just a nice looking UI and a fun game) After the project was completed, I had to work on school and didnt start my next project until April. This is one of my proudest projects, where I had made the decision to get a website and domain for my website. I installed WordPress and started blogging on it. I went though many theme redesigns and made a couple of my own themes, before I decided to find a new CMS. Throughout the months of June and July, I looked for a new CMS to fit my needs. I had tried Bludit, but it didnt work out since it was slow. I eventually settled for a static website and build my own CMS to manage my website (I just built on top of an existing CMS) I had designed the website from scratch, making all the HTML and CSS for this website and it has turned into what you see on this page today! In the months of June, July, and August, I continued work on a Roblox game called FreePvP, and completed it and released it. I also created a trailer for the game in August to share my creation with the world. I worked on I then had to start school again which took away a lot of my time. Now, I am working on my next new project called WizardryKB, which is a Minecraft server that has wands, custom coded items and more! I rented out a VPS and have it hosted on that machine to help make it run faster. Next year, my hope is to make more time for my projects somehow and get more things done! I also want to complete more projects on GitHub and contribute to open source software. There is definitely a lot more things that I did this year but you can see all that I did on this SWR page. 2021 was surely very crazy and I definitely dont want to return back to it, considering all the new variants of covid, the virus rampaging and affecting everything and I am hoping that next year will be better. I will see you all next year for 2022's SWR wrap up, and happy new year!!

hi guys! Today is december 27, 2021 and its the last SWR and monday of 2021! Snow is still on the ground for me and parts of the west coast, and I hope you guys got some snow on Christmas! Last week I did a lot of coding for a scratch project and a little bit of scripting for the minecraft server. I also worked on some sounds and art for the scratch game and the discord server, and thats pretty much it! I will be starting school again soon so some projects will be slowing down again. See you guys in the 2021 Yearly Wrap up!

SWR Mini - Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

December 24, 2021

I wanted to say merry christmas to everyone and happy holidays! Enjoy your christmas and stay warm, and I am hoping everyone gets snow this year! I also just released a small pre-release minigame called WizardryKB, with a snowy christmas map and everything! It will only stay open for a very limited time, but will make a full release later! Spend time with family and enjoy your holidays!


Update - December 25, 2021 - I got tons of snow last night and woke up to a nice snow shower when we opened up presents, I am hoping everyone also had a nice Christmas this year! I also am closing up the server for now, but I will most likely reopen it later once its ready and everything has been sorted out. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

hi guys! today is december 20, 2021 and its almost christmas! I am doing this kind of late at night since I forgot to do it earlier, but I did a lot of stuff last week. Today I was working on installing a really cool new linux distro and I have been playing around with it earlier, since I installed a minecraft server on it and was working on scripting it earlier. I also have set up a domain and everything for the minecraft server and the discord server is finished too! Thats pretty much it for this week, and I will see you guys in the last monday of 2021 (i never want to go back to 2021 or 2020) also, expect a SWR Yearly Wrap-up, where I will put all of my main projects into a post and post it here!

hi guys! today is december 13th, 2021 and there has been a lot of stuff done on the Minehut server I have been working on! I am also thinking of making a minigame proxy, and have the minigame that I have been working on (WizardryKB) on the proxy. I also worked on this really cool neocities site, and I am working on the second theme! I didnt do too much this week, but I am excited for winter break since I might get some more time to work on things!

hi guys! Today is december 6th and its the first monday in december! its also the first day that I got snow, and the ground is covered in snow now! I am also worried about the new covid variants affecting the world again, and that i will have to quarrantine (again) This week I did a ton of work on my Minehut server and programming the scripts that will be used. I also plan on working with someone to work on a minigame server, and I also worked a lot on my website backend. My backend now is completely custom and the admin panel has a layout that matches the UI. I am also planning on adding a backlink to my other sites to make this site get more attention! Thats pretty much it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is november 29 and its almost december! december is one of my favorite months because of the snow, christmas and the vibe! i havent done much during the past week, i just did some backend work on this site and thats pretty much it. i also did some github stuff and updated my starter theme repo to add more comments and stuff. thats pretty much it for this week and i will see you guys in december! 

hi guys! today is november 22 and my website is back online! i know thats its been down for about 2 weeks now since I was migrating to a new server. unfortunately, something happened which made it so my website wouldnt work on the new server, probably something with the DNS records or something. i tried a whole bunch of different possible solutions but none worked. I decided just to go back to my original host. other than working on the server, i worked on this website and setting up Cloudflare and adding some extra security to keep all of you guys safe! thats it for this week and i will see you next week!

hi guys! today is november 14th and im sorry to say but my website is *still* down for most people. i have been working hard to try to fix it but i havent found a fix. other than working on my website, i made good progress on my Minecraft server, and im working on coming up with ideas for a game. I also have been playing a lot of Minecraft Breakdown recently, so maybe you guys will see me on there too! thats it for this week, and I will see you guys next week!

hi guys! today is november 7th and for some people, my website is down. i know its a day early but i just wanted to let you guys know that my website is still under construction, and the migration is still happening. I am fixing stuff with my DNS and NS settings and trying to get everything back to normal. other than working on my website, i made significant progress in a new Minecraft server. I have also thought about continuing a scratch game too! thats it for this weeks SWR, and I hope to see you guys next week! 

hi guys! today is monday, november 1st and welcome to november! I hope you guys had an awesome halloween yesterday! I have been working hard on getting my server ready to migrate the website and web apps. I might plan on adding more services to the server like a Minecraft server or something, but for now it will just be used for a website and a couple personal services. currently, I am getting the server secured so that when its online its secure to protect it from hackers, but im hoping that I can finish it by the end of the year but it should be done in 2022 at the latest! i have also been working on an about me remake on Scratch and I have been coming up with some plans of a new minecraft server. thats pretty much it and I will see you guys next week! 

hi everyone! today is october 25th and its the last monday of october! im excited for halloween this year but i am worried about the covid cases going up in some places. i have been continuing some projects that i have already started, like a minecraft server and an About Me revamp on Scratch. I am excited to share what I have completed with everyone once i finish all the coding up, but i just started it so it wont be done anytime soon. thats it for this SWR and i will see you guys next week!

hi everyone! today is october 18th, and i did a lot last week! i am actually in the process of setting up the webserver and my server, so that i can migrate all of my web services and everything to my new server! this is a really big deal and its very important, so its the main thing I did last week. i also worked on some other things like a scratch game, but im not planning on releasing that until later. thats it for this SWR but be prepared for the next couple months / weeks on updates on my server!

hi guys! today is october 11th, and it feels like fall today! fall helps bring in winter and winter is my favorite season. last week I made a new website design, and you are probably seeing it right now! do ctrl + shift + R to see the new design if you havent yet, but its really cool! I did not do much else, but I have worked on a new (exclusive) game that might come out on my website, so stay tuned!

hi guys! today is october 4th and its october now! i have not done a lot last week but I plan on working on a minecraft server sometime soon. i am also designing a new website design and layout, so maybe my website will change its look (again) I hope you guys are just as excited as me for the new upcoming minecraft project and new website design! stay tuned for updates on my homepage!

hi guys! today is september 27th and I am preparing for a great migration! i am moving everything over to a new server with more resources and things to keep the site running fast, but in order to do this I will need time, so the server (the server that hosts this website) will be down later. The ET is sometime mid october and the starting time is sometime in october. this is not final and is expected to change, depending on how things go! I am excited to see how things go. thanks for reading and I will see you all in the next swr! 

hi everyone! today is september 20th and I did a couple things last week. I made some back end changes to my web server and I may plan on working on my website and working on it through the weekend or further possibly. I am thinking of working on a minecraft server but I am not sure. I worked on 2 new themes for a website and if I dont use them they will appear on my GitHub profile. Finally, I have an important announcement that my website will be undergoing a redesign and rehaul again, but its going to be one of my biggest overhauls. Everything should change but its not fully planned out yet. More updates will come later, but stay tuned for more! 

hi guys! today is september 13th and i didnt really do too much. I worked on a new website design and programming some stuff but that is pretty much it, but stay tuned for new updates possibly later this month or next month!

hi guys! today is september 6th and i did a little bit of things. I worked on releasing phase 3 of my website and got some amazing progress done, and I am working on a new minecraft minigame to play on. Finally, i made a new github theme that is open source that you can use! maybe a new project is coming out soon?? :O

hi everyone! today is august 30th and its last week of august! september is my favorite month since theres so many things that goes on and its always exciting. Last week i finished my trailer for FreePvP on roblox and it looks amazing! you may have noticed it on youtube already and i put a lot of effort into it just to realize that that you have to pay 500 robux just to add it to the front page of your game. After I did that I worked on my website and finished up phase 3 of it! I have been making a couple backend changes to my system and everything is working great! I am trying to patch up the security of my website! Thats all I really did this week and thanks for reading!

hi guys! today is august 23rd and i have not done very much. I started on working on a game but im not sure if it will be done, and I am currently working on a trailer for FreePvP. Not much was done last week (school) but I hope to get more things done this week. see you all next week!

hi everyone! today is august 16th and i havent done too much. I started school which took away lots of time, but I have started a proof of concept game which will come out later this week, so stay on the lookout (but beware, the animations and front end elements are good but the overall game is not my greatest) other than that, I updated my github things and am planning on doing stuff on there soon. have a great week and see you all in my next swr!

hi guys! today is august 9th and i did a couple things last week. i just want to let everyone know that I am starting school today so things will get slower again, but on weekends i should be more active on github and my website. this week i made a video and am working on a secret new game! i am working on the game ui and graphics using pixel art, and the new video is on craft theft auto. That is basically it and stay tuned for phase 3 of my website!

hi everyone! today is august 2nd and i did a lot last week. i finished up phase 2 of my website and added a CMS and worked on 2 repositories! i started work on an english translation of a german CMS and started to finish my blog theme! stay tuned for phase 3 of my website!

hi guys! today is july 26th and this is my first SWR from my "break" and I did a lot. the first thing is that i contributed to a theme that I am working on that can be found on github,link to the repo can be found here and I also worked on my website a lot! the website is completely different now and everything is different! I hope you guys like it! I am still trying to find which look fits my home on internet the best. see you all in the next swr!

hi guys! today is july 22nd and... wow its been a while... its been an entire month since i posted an update! im so sorry for not updating in a while, as you may have noticed my website was down. I took my website down and converted the entire website to static! it took me a long time, but I did it. This entry accounts for SWR9 through SWR12. here are the list of posts:

on the week of june 21st-28th, i worked on some music for a new game that i planned to make, i never really finished it... not to mention i took my website offline to do some construction, i didnt know it would last this long (SWR9)

on the week of june 28th - july 5th, i worked on the game a little. I was a little busy during this time, but im happy i got to practice my skills. I worked on researching and finding the best way to do my site. I found being static is the best. I started work on my custom CMS to manage my new static site (SWR10)

on the week of july 5th - 12th, I worked on my website. A lot. I continued work with my CMS and my website design. Im fluent in HTML / CSS so writing content is not an issue.(SWR11)

on the week of july 12th - 19th, I finished up the CMS and design. I made a Github account and made my first repository! I posted a template there and im still getting the hang of things, but check out my new Github account! (link on sidebar) (SWR12)

Again, I am so sorry I havent posted for a while, I hope this makes up for this. I will definitely keep posting updates, posting these updates are actually very fun, and I will try to be more consistent. See you guys in the next SWR!

hi guys! today is june 21st and i have not been active on my website recently because i have been busy, and i havent done much yet. I will try to start working on stuff later but for now i will be busy for a while. Expect some cool new stuff soon!

today is june 14th and this is my last week of school! this school year has been the craziest school year with all of the fire and ice (along with the fact that a pandemic was going on the entire time) I worked on creating a subdomain and website this week (you wont believe how hard it was to just get the subdomain working) and that is about it

hi guys! today is june 7th and its SWR week again! this is actually my 2nd to last week of school and then I will be able to start working on projects more frequently! in the summer I plan on working on my website a lot and some cool new projects and things for you guys. Anyways I actually did a lot of things last week. You guys probably know that my website looks different, and that is because of my new CMS! I looked at my pagespeed insights scores and i realized one thing... WordPress is a turtle when it comes to speed, so I switched to BLUDIT, and I really like it a lot! I will post more about this in the future but for now stay tuned for updates!

today is may 31st and i just want to say happy memorial day to everyone in the US! today is also the last day of may (and the unofficial start of summer) this week I changed my theme (again) but this time to an SEO theme so my page should appear on search results now! i built on top of the theme which is why it looks so good, since usually seo themes are very basic and small (and I even was able to fit this page into *less than 50kb!*) other than that i basically havent done much else

today is may 27th and a couple things have happened this week, but they are mostly small. I worked on the front / backend of my website and changed a couple things up, but most importantly I came up with ideas for another “game” on scratch. Also, I am thinking of updating FreePvP later, so watch for updates!

wow! it’s already SWR time! today is may 17th and this week i have found the new look of my website and happy with it. I am proud to say that i’m done looking for new themes and gonna try to stick with this theme for a while. I have found my theme for my home on the web! Other than that i didn’t really do much else.

hi! today is may 10th and this is my second SWR! 🙂 last week I actually did a lot of things! i worked on changing my website theme (again) which i will explain why in another post later, but before i did that i was actually editing the code of that too! That is basically it (or as much as i can remember anyways) that i did last week!

Hello World! today is Monday, may 3rd, 2021 and this is my first stuff wrap-up! I just came up with this idea since I want to show everyone what I am working on every week! just so everyone knows, there will definitely be times where I wont have that many things done, maybe nothing at all, since sometimes I get lazy and don’t do anything! also, most of the time, i will have not got a lot of things done. this is just my thing to document stuff! Finally, there will be things called “SWR minis” where I post mini updates that wont affect count for the weeks SWR, but i am anticipating that it will be more rare and that it might not happen regularly. (also, i will sometimes forget to update this every week because i am lazy) There will be more things too but I couldn’t list it all into this, otherwise it would be too long and boring

Anyways, for SWR1 i actually did a lot! this weekend I helped work on my dads website and fixed it all up, and deleted a tiny bit of code in it. Now it looks better and is faster! The other thing (as you might already know) is that I made a Roblox game! this is actually my first game and you can read more of it in my post! Most of my SWRs will be very short, less than a paragraph updates like this one.

Note: SWR weeks should happen every week on Monday