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Last week I worked a lot on the control panel and things have just been getting better! I am inching closer to my full release date and I'm fixing a bunch of security issues before making it (partially) public. I have figured out how to use Cronjobs to automate my server and it's feeling really professional. I fixed a bunch of bugs and did some optimizations and I am reusing as much code as possible. We also played a lot of Vanity and made a huge base, which took a lot of time to accomplish. Lastly, I think we are getting bored of the Roblox Doors remake in Minehut, because we haven't worked on it since. That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


This week I spent even more time working on the control panel! I fully figured out the web push system and I'm working on turning this system into a dynamic web application, or a progressive web app. I am also looking into making a system for testing out dev projects on my developer domain, and making it so people can sign up for testing my upcoming applications. I am also working on a system to allow friends and other trusted people partial access to a separate backend panel to help manage projects and more. We also officially stopped working on the Minecraft game and pronounced it DEAD, like I had originally thought about 2 weeks ago. Instead, we are making a Roblox Doors-like game on Minehut, and actually may get it done because we planned things out this time and took the correct steps for making a game and keeping motivation, however I think it includes too much building which can burn us out. We also took our trip to Portland last week and kept it short, and it only took 2 days (we went to Silverdale / Sandy, and then back). I am also looking into creating a home server for hosting developer applications and may be interested in buying an OrangePi or related mini computer and use Cloudflare Tunnels to hook it up to the web. Finally, we took a trip to the suburbs of Vancouver, B.C. yesterday and we had enjoyed our trip, even if it was raining the whole day! That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


This week I worked a lot on my control panel and making various improvements. I also learned about how to use the web push API to make push notifications, which I plan on using on my control panel and may come up with a notification system to notify people on when I make a new post! I have also been thinking about making an RSS feed, but I'm not sure if people use those anymore. I have been putting all my effort into this backend panel, and it's really paying off! I have been feeling very motivated to work on it recently because of all the progress I have been doing. We have also pretty much stopped working on the Minecraft game, as it was terribly planned out and we are all burnt out of working on it. Maybe one day we will revive the idea since we were just so close to release. Also, we will be taking a trip to Portland, Oregon this week so I will most likely not have as much time to work on projects. We will be spending most of our week in Portland and Seattle as part of our mini road trip. That's it for this week and I will see you guys later!

SWR Mini - SWR Monthly - February (3/1/2023)

This is my first monthly SWR post! I will start posting a new SWR around the first of every month. This will help to summarize everything that I have been working on in the past month so people won't need to look through my last previous posts to see what I've been doing. The main and first thing that I've done is revamp my SWR's in general! Pages load around 5% faster, and they have much cleaner code. I have also started transitioning away from my old, custom CMS to my own backend private panel. Of course, you guys won't notice the difference, but I sure do! I have been using my slower CMS every week to post new stuff, and it's time for a change! I have finished integrating the SWR part with my control panel and the site, and everything works perfectly! Other than that, I have been spending my time this past month working on Minecraft games. First it was EggEvents, then I got bored of working on that and started working on another new game. Unfortunately, it looks like that game is going to die because we didn't follow the correct plan steps, so we will most likely lose motivation. As you can see, it doesn't look like I've been doing a whole lot this past month, and that's because of school! I have been working like crazy to get my school done early so I have more time to work on projects, but I keep getting distracted because of the snow, new game releases, and other stuff. I hope this first SWR monthly has helped to recap on everything I've done recently, and expect more of these in the future!

First SWR new system post! (2/27/2023)

Today is a big day because this is the first real SWR post with my new backend system! Believe it or not, I am writing this post on an entirely different website and domain and transferring the data to a static file where my SWR posts are stored. You guys probably don't notice any changes, and that's the point! I now have much better control over the site and security, and can even autocorrect spelling and grammar mistakes! My last CMS was custom and worked for a good couple of years, but I have outgrown it because it has many issues, so I decided to create my own! I will probably be making a YT video on this later this year, but my hard work is definitely and visibly paying off! We did some work on our new and upcoming game, but I worry that the game will never release (because we are good at that) but we are working hard anyways. I am still very happy and proud about the progress made on my custom control panel / CMS, which I have been spending most of my time on. Again, I have been working hard in school to get it done earlier, but I have been also taking more breaks to work on coding. I also worked on my BobaBlog website and made my first post with the new system! That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!

SWR Mini - New Backend Integration! (2/25/2023)

Hi guys! Today I launched my new SWR backend integration with the main site! This is such an exciting day because now I can create posts quicker and more efficiently. I am using my own, custom coded control panel management system that allows me to easily create posts and now its completely static, secure, and FAST! I have spent many months on this project and I am seeing some really good results! I am very happy with the outcome, as now I can ditch my old CMS for something new and modern. This post is my very first real post made with this new system. Everyone and anyone can now see the results of my system because pages now load around 5% faster, because less bloat reduces load times. There is more, exciting news to come out soon for my website, but I just couldn't wait to post my first post with this new management system. See you guys on Monday!

This week I did some more work on Egg Events, but development progress has been slowing down. I didn't get much time to work on it over the weekend, but I have been trying to make things more polished. I also worked a lot on my backend panel, and I'm integrating more things and coding more of the backend. Again, I still have a very long ways before I actually finish it. The good news is that I have been working longer hours in school so I may be able to finish it before summer starts, giving me some extra and much needed time to work on my backend panel. See you guys next week!

This week I worked on Egg Events and ran the first test on LavaRise. Things went pretty bad and was actually pretty buggy, so I decided to wait on the release date and release it next week. I also worked a bit on my back end control panel, and I'm making slow and steady progress on getting it done. I still have a long ways to go though, so I don't anticipate the actual full use of the control panel until next year. Correction on the last post: I actually have school throughout the month of March, but I do get pretty much the entire month of April off. That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!

This week I worked on a new and almost-complete Minecraft server, Egg Events! It's a unique event server with a bunch of minigames, such as Lava Rise, and takes in my old minigames from WizardryKB and revives them with a more polished experience. Because this is going to be a minehut only server, I hope to bring more people into it and let many people try it out. The first game, Lava Rise, will be completed by next week and hopefully the server will be opened by then as well. Other than this, I worked on my control panel and a lot of school. School has been taking up a lot of my time, but I have a large break coming up in March so I will have more time to work on things. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

This week I worked a lot on a new blog system and on a new Minecraft server! I spent a lot of time working on this new blog system that will allow me and other people to blog about things easily and quickly. I am also working on a new Minecraft server, Egg Events, which is pretty much a collection of different minigames and events that I have made. We also are slowing down work on Minigame Mayhem again because we are getting demotivated and working on different projects now. I also did a little bit of work on my backend control panel and messed around with the Pi again and tried to figure out how to install and customize Manjaro. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

This week we did a lot of work on Minigame Mayhem and got a lot of games finished, and are inching our way to getting closer and closer to the release. I also worked a lot on a new Minehut server which is based on my previous WizardryKB game and converting it all over into a playable Minehut mini-game. I also worked on a new admin control panel for a new blogging system, which we will be using soon to make a new tech-themed blog and revamping my Boba blog! This blog system is now live at you can see all the improvements and bugs fixed! I will hopefully improve this system later and make things more professional, but for right now, it works pretty well! Finally, I wrapped up plans for my webtop, which is looking too ambitious and may never be completed unfortunately. That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!

This week we worked a ton on Minigame Mayhem and did a lot! We made a bunch of new games, added a lot of polish, and added many new server features! We are getting close to releasing MGM to the public on Minehut, but we still have a couple more games to go before that. I have also been working heavily on 3D modeling a case for my Raspberry Pi for a project that I will go more in depth later. I also did a slight amount of work on my back end control panel, which is going really well too! I have also been doing a bit of planning for my webtop, which is sadly going to be delayed until at least next year at the minimum. I started school this week and so I will lose out on a lot of time to work on projects unfortunately. Luckily, I have another massive break coming up this Spring that will be for about a month, but that's still a couple months away. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!!

This is my first post of 2023! Last week we did a ton of work on our minigame server and got a ton of minigames done. I also did a small amount of work on my control panel, and 3D printed a really cool Raspberry Pi case! Finally, I have been playing around with a new watch that I got for Christmas, and it's actually really cool and can do a lot of things. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!

This is the start of my SWR 2023 cluster.