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Unique, Free for All Gun Game

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FreePvP is a Roblox game where you explore the map to collect pistols, crossbows, shotguns and more! Duel your friends or other players with free VIP servers, and practice your skills with different guns. Explore the map to find hidden guns, and find your favorite gun and playstyle! Practice your skills with friends and others in public servers.


Become the Best Wizard!

Available on Minecraft!

WizardryKB is a Minecraft server that allows players to fight eachother in PvP combat, using custom developed wands and items. Different wands have special abilities, like being able to throw TNT or launch people in the air! Combine these wands and become the best Wizard in WizardryKB! Or, duel others in the new Wizardry Skywars game to see who is the better Wizard! Open Wizardry lucky blocks and Wizardry wand blocks! Mine the Wizardry Event block and summon a random event in the game! Use this IP to connect to the server: ""